Children's Systems Committee


The DSN, along with others, has an accountability to children with developmental disabilities. The interface and interaction between developmental service organizations and Child Welfare Agencies (CWA) provides opportunities for greater integration. A focus of the DSN-HKPR Children’s Systems Committee will be the ongoing discussion and resolution of challenges that are present within the current system. Every effort will be made to foster collaboration between agencies and amongst agencies and families, clients, and other providers.


The Children's System Committee will afford DSN-HKPR the opportunity of having a vehicle that can proactively anticipate and respond to challenges that have an impact on the care and care delivery systems that are part of the interface of developmental services for children and the child welfare agencies. The committee will accomplish this by identifying and defining priorities in the system and submit a collaborative plan to the DSN to address the identified priorities. The Committee will be responsive and respectful both of the individual autonomy of the agencies and the guidance of DSN-HKPR.