HKPR Resource Management Team (Formerly IRT)


The Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge (HKPR) Resource Management Team exists:

  • Effectively and efficiently to assist the DSO with coordinated access to adult accommodations and day supports for citizens with Intellectual Disabilities in HKPR;
  • To provide case resolution for the quadrant; and
  • Effectively and efficiently to manage coordinated allocation of centrally managed quadrant funds for citizens with intellectual disabilities in HKPR.

Objectives of the HKPR Resource Management Team:

Under the authority of DSN-HKPR, the HKPR Resource Management Team has responsibility for the following functions:

  • Assisting the Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) process, as directed, in the prioritizing and placement of individuals for consideration as potential matches for HKPR vacancies.
  • Assisting in the matching of HKPR-prioritized individuals to existing HKPR quadrant resources for the efficient and effective use of the existing capacity. This includes Passport funding.
  • Implementing (where appropriate) admission priorities required by MCSS.
  • Acting as the local case resolution facilitator that provides the most effective planning for adults whose needs exceed the capacity of any single DSN-HKPR Agency for case planning and/or service delivery.
  • Acting as the local mechanism in the CER Case Resolution Process.
  • Assisting with access to regional and tri-regional resources as appropriate (through the CER Networks of Specialized Care).
  • Maintaining current information on HKPR needs and pressures based on information received from DSO.
  • Establishing appropriate linkages with community partners and consumers for the purpose of information sharing, planning, and making recommendations

Developmental Services Ontario (DSO)

  • Effective July 1, 2011, Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) organizations will serve as single points of access for people applying for Ministry-funded services and supports under the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008 (SIPDDA).
  • Under SIPDDA, all individuals wishing to apply for adult developmental services and supports for the first time must contact their respective regional Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) organization to have their eligibility confirmed and to complete the Developmental Services Application Package. This includes individuals who are applying for the Passport Program for the first time.
  • Individuals must have their eligibility confirmed through Developmental Services Ontario (DSO).
  • Developmental Services Ontario helps adults with developmental disabilities connect to services and supports in their communities. There are nine agencies across Ontario to serve you. Our organizations are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services.
  • Wherever you live in Ontario, they can help you or someone for whom you care to connect with available residential supports, caregiver respite, community participation supports (like recreation, volunteering, employment, or in-home supports), professional and specialized services, person-directed planning, and other supports to help people with developmental disabilities become more involved in their communities

Residential Services and Supports

The Government of Ontario funds community agencies that offer people with developmental disabilities places to live. Learning more about these residential services and supports can help people with developmental disabilities find homes that work well for their needs.

Housing options include

  • Group homes and group living supports
  • Supported independent living/individual living supports
  • Host Family Home/Associate Living Supports
  • Individualized Residential Model
  • Specialized Accommodation

We know that many people need support finding homes; we will work with you to identify the options that work best for you. To find out more about the options and services in your community, please contact the Developmental Services Ontario agency in your region.

Developmental Services Ontario Eligibility Questions and Answers (English)
Developmental Services Ontario Eligibility Questions and Answers (French)

Contact Information for the Central East Region DSO (York, Simcoe, Durham, and HKPR):


Phone: 905-953-0796 or 1-855-277-2121

Fax:      905-952-2077


HKPR Partner Agencies with the Central East Region Developmental Services Ontario